Delivering Orders


Delivering orders with Gopuff is easy, and the app will guide you every step of the way. To keep it simple, we’ve highlighted some of the key steps you can expect to encounter on delivery:

When you arrive at the customer’s address and click “Start Drop-Off,” you’ll be prompted to scan components for that delivery.

Pro tip: Scan each component before leaving your vehicle or bike to ensure you’re carrying the right order to the customer’s door. Scanning each component at the dropoff location helps prevent mix-ups and ensures that the customer receives their complete order as intended. 

Occasionally, the customer may be required to provide you with a 4-digit PIN before receiving their order. When this happens, the delivery cannot be marked as complete until you’ve verified the PIN in the driver app. If the customer is unable to meet you in person upon delivery, they have the option to share the PIN with you via text. 

When a customer places a non-contact order, it’s up to you as the delivery partner to follow the customer’s delivery instructions provided in the app. Taking a clear and contextual delivery photo is a key step in making sure the customer knows where to find their order.

When delivering regulated products, such as alcohol or tobacco, you are required by law to verify that the person receiving the order is of legal age. By scanning their ID, you’re protecting Gopuff’s licenses and yourself from personal criminal liability. Remember, you will never be penalized for canceling an order due to an inability to verify the customer’s age, and you will still receive your Base Pay for those orders.