Canceled Orders


When an order is canceled, the delivery partner is responsible for returning it to the facility they picked it up from. The return process is simple, and the app will walk you through it every step of the way.

In most cases, an order is canceled by the delivery partner (via Customer Support) or by the customer.

A few reasons an order might get canceled by the customer:

  • The customer no longer wants the order

  • The customer entered the wrong delivery address

A few reasons an order might get canceled by the delivery partner:

  • The delivery partner can't verify the customer’s ID when delivering a regulated product

  • The delivery partner can't reach or locate the customer during a contact delivery

  1. Finish your current trip. When an order is canceled while you’re out delivering, you’ll be notified in the driver app. After you complete the remaining deliveries for that trip, you can head back to the facility with the canceled items.

  2. Find the Return Area. Once you're back at the facility, you can bring the canceled items inside to the designated return area. Return areas will have a sign that says “Canceled Orders” or "Return Area", as well as a QR code. If it’s unclear where the return area is at your facility, ask a Gopuff associate.

  3. Scan to Return. First, scan the QR code posted in the return area, and then scan the components to be returned. Finally, leave the items in the return area

Some Gopuff facilities have a separate return area for orders containing alcohol. If a return requires two stops, you’ll see two return sections in your app - Standard returns and Alcohol returns. It does not matter which return you complete first.


If you see one return section in your app, it means that your return only requires one stop.

When all eligible components have been returned to the first designated area, you’ll be prompted in the app to head to the second return area to complete the return.

After successfully completing the return, you can leave the items in the return area.  You’re now eligible for new trip offers!

We understand that certain circumstances - like an MFC closure - may prevent you from returning items immediately. If this happens, you have the option to return items the following day.

Having trouble scanning the return area? Manually enter the ID listed on the posted QR code. 

Having trouble scanning components? Manually enter the last 4 digits of the component ID.