Small Order Fee - Why am I being charged a small order fee and why are there different charges?


The small order fee is a service charge that supports the conditions of delivering a small order value. We currently have a fee structure depending on your total charge. If your minimum value is below £10 there's a charge of £4.99 and above £10 but below £15 the charge is £1.99 which is applied at the checkout. Tobacco products are exempt from the small order fee calculation. This means that if you add a tobacco product to your basket, this won't count towards getting your basket above the small order fee thresholds of £10 (triggering a £4.99 fee) and £15 (triggering a £1.99 fee). Products this applies to: Rolling tobacco, cigarettes, Heets (heated tobacco), cigars and cigarillos. Products this doesn't apply to: Vapes, nicotine pouches (e.g. Nordic, Velo etc.) and tobacco accessories (e.g. lighters, rolling papers, filters etc.). Kindly add more products to your basket that do not belong to this category to remove the fee.