Scheduling Delivery Blocks


At some (but not all) Gopuff facilities, delivery partners have the option to request scheduled blocks in the driver app. Scheduled blocks are facility-specific, so if you’re granted one, you’re expected to be online at that facility and available to take orders for the entire duration of the block. When delivery partners Go Online late or Go Offline before their block ends, it impacts their Scheduled Availability Rate, a metric our system uses to determine who gets scheduled blocks each week.

Partners who schedule a block are eligible to earn a per-minute rate (e.g. $0.20/min) for the time they spend waiting at the facility for an order during that block. This is called Wait Pay. To learn more about Wait Pay, check out our article on Pay Structure. 

Each Thursday morning, blocks are released for the following week. You should plan on submitting your block requests before 11:59 PM local time each Thursday.

To request blocks, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Gopuff Driver app

  2. Tap Schedule

  3. Tap Available

  4. Tap on any block you’d like to request (make sure you are only requesting blocks you’re able to work!)

  5. Swipe right to Request Hours

  6. A green banner will pop up letting you know you’ve successfully requested that block

Nope! As long as you get your requests in before 11:59PM local time on Thursday, you’re good to go. When distributing blocks, the system does not factor in what time the requests were made or who requested a particular block first. Any delivery blocks that are still available after the request period will be re-released on Fridays and can be picked up by delivery partners on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that requesting a block does not guarantee it will be granted to you. On Friday morning, our system will process all the requests and automatically generate a schedule.

If you are granted hours for the following week, you will get a notification on Friday once a schedule is ready for you to view. 

  1. Tap Schedule

  2. Tap Scheduled

  3. View your upcoming scheduled hours

Delivery partners with higher Scheduled Availability Rates are more likely to get one or more of the blocks they requested. Scheduled Availability Rate represents the percentage of time you were available and/or making deliveries during your total scheduled hours, at the MFC where you were scheduled. The system distributes blocks based on a partner’s Scheduled Availability Rate over the preceding 4 weeks. You can learn more about this metric in your Weekly Summary, found in the driver app.

To improve your chances of getting blocks you’ve requested, you should only request blocks you’re able to fully commit to. This means being available to make deliveries for the full duration of that block. On the flip side, delivery partners who consistently fail to show up for those blocks without dropping them ahead of time are less likely to get a requested block, particularly when there is competition for those time periods. Delivery partners who serially no-show delivery blocks without dropping them ahead of time are also at risk of having their Scheduler access temporarily restricted. However, these partners remain free to deliver on-demand whenever they choose.

As a reminder, delivery blocks are not necessary in order to earn with Gopuff. You are able to deliver as much or as little as you want–at any time you want– by heading to your local facility and starting your delivery session in Gopuff Driver.

That’s ok! If you are no longer able to work a delivery block you claimed, please drop it as soon as possible so that someone else can pick it up. Waiting until the last minute to drop your delivery block can take earning opportunities away from other delivery partners and create a poor experience for Gopuff customers.

Here’s how to drop your block in the app:

  1. Go to Schedule

  2. Select the delivery block you’d like to drop

  3. Select Drop Hours

  4. Select Yes