What’s the status of my refund?


Refunds generally take 3-5 Business Days to process (not including weekends or holidays).

In some instances, funds may be returned in the form of a Voided Transaction instead of a manual refund. In these instances, you will see a pending charge fall off of your account instead of a positive credit into your account. We recommend speaking to your financial institution if a refund or void has not been completed and more than 5 Business Days have passed.

If your order was placed using Apple Pay or Google Pay, your refund will appear on your mobile device in the transaction history for Apple Pay or Google Pay.  Refunds may take 3-5 Business Days to appear under the payment history on your device.

If your order was placed using Venmo, your refund will appear in the Venmo app, however, the refund will not say Gopuff. The refund will come from "Venmo Credits" and the reason will read, "Refund for merchant payment".