Using a Coupon Code


Coupon eligibility varies based on multiple criteria. Please double-check all of the terms and conditions for your coupon: including eligibility, expiration date (expired coupons cannot be reinstated), product limitations, and total cart minimums. 

We made an update (8.25.0) to our app where you can see your available promotions. Look in 'my bag' (cart), and click on the promo section for more details. 

From the promo section in the app, you will see three sections:

1. "Available Promos"- Includes all welcome and referral codes, puff points, and credits.  Only one promo from this section may be used at a time. 

2. "Internal Offers"- Includes Gopuff gift cards. Redeeming multiple gift cards on a single order is possible.

3. "Ongoing Offers"- May redeem multiple Ongoing offers on a single order.

The eligible promo that delivers the largest discount will automatically be applied. Note: the eligible largest discount promo can change as the items in the bag change.

Additional things to consider:

  1. Some coupons are exclusive to new customers who are placing their very first order. 

  2. Some coupons are automatically applied to your cart after you click on a referral link. If you have a coupon code that is not automatically being applied, try to directly input the code at checkout.

  3.  Some coupons have specific order spend minimums before the redemption amount is unlocked. The minimum spend amount is calculated based on the total order amount after the coupon is applied. For example, if the minimum spend requirement is $12.95, and the coupon is $5.00 off, the total order spend before applying the coupon must be a minimum of $17.95. 

  4. Some coupons require specific products to be in your order before the coupon will apply (make sure all applicable products are in stock). Some coupons do not apply to alcohol or tobacco products.

  5. Some coupons can’t be combined with others. In those cases, the coupon that provides the largest discount will automatically apply. If you are still having issues redeeming multiple coupons we recommend you attempt your transaction with a single coupon that gives you the largest discount.

After trying these steps above, if you are still experiencing issues redeeming a promotion please report the concern here