About Gopuff


Gopuff is a leading Instant Commerce platform that brings thousands of everyday products to customers in minutes. The company stores its own inventory of about 4,000 products in hundreds of local micro-fulfillment centers, so, when customers order, their stuff comes directly from Gopuff to their door.

Gopuff Driver is the app that connects delivery partners with Gopuff and Gopuff's customers. Delivery partners use the app to receive and deliver orders, manage their account, view their earnings, request support, and more.

Gopuff has micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) in hundreds of cities across the US and the UK. These facilities are where Gopuff stores all the products that customers order on the Gopuff app, and it's where all delivery partners start the delivery process. These facilities are run by a team of Gopuff employees, including Site Leaders and Operation Associates. Every customer order is packed by a Gopuff employee so delivery partners can simply deliver from the facility to the customer.

To find out what Gopuff MFCs are near you, reach out to partners@gopuff.com.

  • Get paid more for trips that require more effort 

  • Always keep 100% of your tips

  • Deliver as little or as much as you want, whenever you want

  • Enjoy centralized, familiar pickup locations and small delivery zones

  • No restaurants or riders - just deliver ready-to-go orders straight from a Gopuff MFC to the customer

Gopuff delivery partners deliver pick up ready-to-go orders from a centralized Gopuff facility, deliver to happy customers, and repeat!