Seattle Paid Sick & Safe Time


Notice of Rights and Policy & Procedure

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How to use PSST in the Gopuff Driver app

If you have 1 or more days of PSST available, you’ll now see an option to ‘Use Paid Time’ on the Schedule page.

  • This button will appear for any day that you don’t already have a delivery block reserved.

  • Click ‘Use Paid Time’ on the day you’d like it applied to the schedule

  • Review the selection screen that includes your Current balance and Current pay rate

  • Tap ‘Confirm’ and PSST will be automatically applied to the day selected

You’ll see on the Schedule page if PSST has been used. Remember that you’re ineligible to take deliveries during a day that you’ve chosen to use PSST.

Any PSST used will be reflected in your Earnings History as a separate line item labeled “Sick & Safe Time” and added to your available balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Current balance is updated each morning for the previous day. If you deliver an order in the city of Seattle between 2am - 1:59am (PT), you will see your Current PSST balance increase the next morning.

As a reminder, you will accrue one (1) day of PSST for every 30 days you’re actively delivering in Seattle. You’ll see your PSST balance reflected in the app as a decimal (e.g. 0.0333 = 1 day worked toward accrual of PSST).

Your current pay rate, as defined for your use of PSST, will be updated each month based on your "Average daily compensation" for the previous 12 months. On the first Monday of every month, we calculate total earnings during the last 12 months and divide this sum by the number of days worked.

After you click ‘Confirm’ in the app to use your PSST, you’ll see the Sick & Safe Time payment reflected in the “Earnings” page of the Gopuff Driver app. You can cash out these earnings 24/7, similar to how you do with other types of payments.

Delivery partners who’ve operated in Seattle at least once in the past 90 calendar days are eligible to use their accrued PSST balance in 24-hour increments.

At the end of the year, your PSST balance up to 9 days will roll over to the following year. For example: If you have a PSST balance of 12.2 days on Dec. 31, 2023 you will see a new PSST balance of 9 days on Jan. 1, 2024.

If you’re unable to login to the Gopuff Driver app you can still request to use any PSST you’ve accrued using this form. Approved submissions through this form will be paid to you within 14 days of the request.

Important to note that to use PSST a delivery partner must have been actively delivering in Seattle at some point during the last 90 days.

If a Gopuff delivery partner has an accrued PSST balance, and their account is permanently deactivated, they will receive a payout equal to their Current PSST balance and Current rate of pay at the time their account was deactivated.