Seattle App-Based Worker Minimum Payment Ordinance


Notice of Rights



SMC 8.37.100


GB Logistics, LLC (“GBL”) and GBL California, LLC (“GBL California”) identify as on-demand network companies as defined by SMC 8.37.020.

As an app-based worker, you are entitled to the following information before accepting an offer and performing services in furtherance of an offer. 

You have the right:

1. To be paid the greater of (a) the applicable minimum per-minute amount ($.44) and the per-mile amount ($.74), or (g) per-offer amount ($5.00). The amounts listed above are current as of January 14, 2024.

Engaged time for an offer starts when you accept the offer and ends when you have completed the offer, the offer is canceled or you cancel the offer with cause. 

Engaged miles are miles traveled during engaged time.

2. The flexibility in making yourself available for work and accepting, rejecting, or canceling offers.

3. To receive a clear statement of our tip policies. (Found here)

4. To receive a clear statement of our fraudulent use policy. (Found here).

5. To be protected from retaliation for exercising in good faith the rights protected by Chapter 8.37 SMC.

6. To file a complaint with OLS or bring a civil action for violations of Chapter 8.37 SMC, including but not limited to GBL and GBL California’s failure to minimum amounts required by this law or because you have suffered retaliation for engaging in an activity protected by this Chapter

If you have a question regarding your minimum pay guarantees, a concern about your pay, or wish to report a complaint, including if you believe you have suffered retaliation, please contact immediately.

For additional information on this law, please visit the Seattle Office of Labor Standards website.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Seattle PayUp ordinance applies to delivery partners at the following facilities:

  • WA - Seattle (University Village)

  • WA - Seattle (Belltown)

  • WA - Seattle (Ballard)

  • WA - Tukwila

The ordinance goes into effect on January 13, 2024.

The minimum payment for each offer uses the below calculation, based on a per-minute amount of $0.44 and a per-mile amount of $0.74.

(Engaged Time x Per-Minute Amount) + (Engaged Miles x Per-Mile Amount) = Minimum Payment

The minimum payment will never be less than $5.00 per offer. This may be adjusted in future years.

When you receive a trip offer, the amount at the top will show the total offer amount, composed of base pay and customer tips. Click the downward arrow to expand and see a breakdown of the offer, including total customer tips.

Updated rates for the per-mile, per-minute, and per-offer amounts are effective on January 13, 2024, and January 1 of each year thereafter. These rates will increase based on annual inflation and standard mileage rate adjustments. The first adjustment of per-offer amount will be on January 1, 2025.

"Engaged time" is the time that a worker performs services for an offer, and “engaged miles” are miles traveled by a worker during engaged time. For Gopuff delivery partners, “engaged time” begins when you accept the offer and ends when you complete the offer, the offer is canceled by Gopuff or the customer, or canceled by you (the delivery partner) with cause.

You will receive an earnings adjustment for each required educational course you complete during the sign up process. In order to receive an adjustment, you must first set up your Stripe account. The earnings adjustment will be reflected in your Gopuff Driver app within 1 week of completing the course.

In the event you have not set up your Stripe account within one week of completing the required courses, you will receive the earnings adjustment only once your Stripe account is set up.