Protecting yourself from vehicle theft


Vehicle theft can happen to anyone, anywhere. Keep yourself and others aware by sharing these tips:

  • Avoid parking beside large vehicles that obstruct your view

  • Aim to park in busy areas where there are surveillance cameras or more people around

  • Don’t leave your car running when dropping off an order, lock the doors as soon as you get in and out

  • If, when you approach your vehicle, someone is standing by it, walk away from your car and consider the situation from a safe distance. If you have a car alarm, sound it remotely, if needed  

  • If you think you are being followed when driving, take unusual turns to check and if they continue, call 911 or drive to a police station

  • Some criminals will lightly bump the car in front as a technique to make the driver stop and exit their car. Be cautious and call the Police if you are concerned you are being targeted

Use your intuition and experience to help you judge situations. If you ever feel like there is an emergency, seek help urgently. Should you feel unsafe while out delivering, you can end your delivery session at any time.