How to stay safe in difficult situations with customers


Most of the time, interactions with customers are smooth and simple. But there is the potential for some difficult situations, especially if you need to refuse delivery because a customer is too intoxicated or can’t present a valid ID.

Your safety is key, So you should aim to avoid confrontation or know how to handle it in the best way.

Here are some tips on how to manage and avoid confrontation with customers and handle these situations:

  • Use friendly body language, like smiling, waving, and nodding, to put people at ease

  • Pay attention to your intuition. If you feel uncomfortable or like something isn’t right, trust your gut and remove yourself from the situation

  • People tend to mirror tone of voice and expressions. If one person is abrupt, the other may respond in this way too, creating tension that could escalate. 

  • If you have to refuse a delivery, try to remain calm and explain that it’s a legal requirement. (“If I didn’t follow the law I could risk losing my job and face a fine.”) 

  • If the customer seems annoyed, it’s with the situation, not you. Generally, when you remain calm, the customer will settle and understand it’s not your fault. 

  • If the customer does become visibly angry or aggressive, remove yourself from the situation. You don’t need to argue your reasoning, you have done your job. Return to your car, lock it immediately and contact support when you are able to do so.