Pay structure


Regardless of whether you’re delivering on-demand or during a scheduled block, the following pay components will make up your total earnings:

This is what you earn for every trip you accept and complete, and it's determined by the estimated time and effort required to complete the trip. When estimating time and effort, the system accounts for certain uncontrollable factors that could impact the trip time, like traffic patterns, weather patterns, road closures, and the extra time it takes to verify a customer’s ID for regulated product orders. Given all of these factors, base pay will vary even for the same trip taken on different days under different conditions. Base pay is shown upfront to delivery partners in their initial trip offer.

Customers have the option to tip you before and after each order. As a delivery partner, you will always keep 100% of your tips.

Missions are additional opportunities to earn, most commonly by completing a certain number of deliveries in a set period of time or by getting a boost on each order or trip. Missions are periodically offered to eligible delivery partners in the Earnings tab of their app, where they’ll need to “Start Mission” in order to participate.

Partners who schedule a block are eligible to earn a per-minute rate (e.g. $0.20/min) for the time they spend waiting at the facility for an order during that block. This is called Wait Pay.

On any given day, your earnings might look like this:

Base Pay + Promotions (like Missions) + Tips + Wait Pay (only applicable for scheduled delivery partners) = Total Earnings

Those who are eligible have the option to instantly cash out their available balance at any time in the driver app. To be eligible to cash out from the app, you first need to create a Stripe account for Gopuff.