Picking up Orders


Once you’ve accepted a trip offer, it’s time to head inside the Gopuff facility to pick up your order(s). 

Picking up an order is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Find the bin(s) containing your order(s) (Tip: find bin numbers listed on your Trip Pickup screen)

  2. Scan the QR code for each component listed on your pickup screen

  3. Once you see “All Picked Up!”, you’re ready to hit the road!

​Video Tutorial: Navigating the Trip Pick-Up Screen

Video Tutorial: The Scan-to-Pickup Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! The Gopuff associate who packs the order will ensure that the correct items get into the bag. It is your responsibility as the delivery partner to scan the QR code on each component. A component might be a Gopuff bag, a case of water, or a large pack of paper towels. You’ll scan the QR code on the bag itself, not each item inside the bag. 

The component ID is the 12-digit number listed on the component label (underneath the QR code). If you are having trouble scanning and need to override the scan, you can manually enter the last 4 digits of the component ID. 

If you don’t see an order label or component label (with the QR code), please notify an associate.

Nope! As long as you are scanning components that are assigned to you for a given trip, it doesn't matter what order you scan them in. After every scan, the app will first verify for you that the component is yours, and then it will mark it as picked up.

That’s ok! If this happens, the app will return an error message that lets you know the component is not assigned to you. We ask that you please return the component to the bin number listed on the order label so that another delivery partner can easily locate it.

If the QR code won’t scan – which might happen if the label is damaged – you can override the scan by following these steps:

  1. Click the keyboard icon in the upper right corner of the screen

  2. Manually enter the last 4 digits of the component ID (found underneath the QR code). 

  3. Press the green arrow (or “Done” on iOS) 

This will override the scan and allow you to complete the pickup process.

On the pickup screen in your app, any component that contains alcohol will have “contains alcohol” listed next to the component.