Validating a customer’s ID using the Gopuff Driver app


If your customer's order includes alcohol or other regulated products, you will automatically be prompted through the Gopuff Driver app to scan their ID. The process below helps ensure a compliant delivery:

  1. When the customer presents their ID, examine the front and back and confirm that it (a) is the customer’s picture on the ID and that (b) it looks authentic.

  2. Once you examine the ID, flip it over and scan the barcode on the back.

  3. If the ID is valid, the customer's information will automatically populate in the app and verify that the customer is the proper age to receive the order. If the ID is verified, the customer can sign for and complete the order.

  4. If the ID is rejected as invalid, or if you believe that the recipient is underage or intoxicated, DO NOT deliver the order. Orders that can’t be completed should be canceled and returned to the facility for re-stocking. NOTE: You will still earn your base pay for refused deliveries and orders that are canceled because of an invalid ID.

  5. If the ID is not rejected as invalid, but is unable to scan, you will have to manually verify the ID.

You can follow these simple steps to manually verify the ID:

  1. When prompted, type in the required information from the ID and press Continue

  2. Take a photo of the ID and press Continue. 

  3. Collect the customer’s signature, hand the order to the customer, and you’re all set!