Types of regulated products carried by Gopuff


When you’re delivering an order that requires age verification, the app makes it easy to tell if the order contains alcohol, CBD/Tobacco, or DXM (which is for customers 18+). 

Any products that are limited to customers of a certain age, that are prohibited in certain locations, or otherwise restricted by the law are considered “regulated products” at Gopuff.

Gopuff carries regulated products such as:

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco products

  • Sexual health products

  • Smoking accessories

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • CBD products (select locations only)

  • Certain over-the-counter cold medications, like Vicks DayQuil™/NyQuil™ (regulated in certain states)

Orders containing DXM have an ID icon and a 18+ badge

Orders containing alcohol have a martini glass and a 21+ badge

Orders containing CBD or tobacco have an ID icon and a 21+ badge