Guidelines for Delivering Alcohol


In order to deliver alcohol and other regulated products, you must:

  • Be 21+ years old

  • Have a valid driver's license

  • Have passed a criminal background check

  • Complete an alcohol certification course (if applicable)

Yes, if your facility carries alcoholic beverages for delivery, you will be required to complete an alcohol delivery certification course prior to being approved.

Types of alcoholic beverages you may deliver include the following:

  • Spirits, such as whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila, etc.

  • Beer and other malt beverages like Hard Seltzer

  • Wine and champagne

Gopuff does not sell pre-mixed cocktails unless manufactured by a distributor and sold in a sealed container.

Do not deliver alcohol if your customer is visibly intoxicated. Intoxication means the condition of having physical or mental control noticeably diminished by the effects of alcohol or drugs. Here are some steps to help determine if a person is intoxicated.

Physical Signs of Intoxication

  • Look for glassy or bloodshot eyes. Also look for droopy eyes or if someone clearly has difficulty keeping their eyes open.

  • Notice how the person smells. If you notice that the person’s breath or clothes smell of alcohol, this may be an effective tell-tale sign of intoxication.

  • Watch for impaired motor function. Intoxicated people can’t perform normal tasks in the same way they would if they were sober. If someone is having trouble walking in a straight line or is fumbling with objects, this may be a sign that they are intoxicated.

Signs of Behavioral Intoxication

  • Look for a person’s inhibitions becoming lowered. Some people who are visibly intoxicated exhibit louder behavior than usual or may make inappropriate comments.

  • Watch out for a person that is slurring their speech.

  • Notice if someone is speaking slower or faster than usual.

Delivery of alcoholic beverages is only allowed during Gopuff's hours of operation. If you are able to accept and deliver orders containing alcoholic beverages, you can assume that Gopuff is open and delivering alcohol at that time. You will not be given an order that contains alcohol to deliver outside of normal operating hours.

Bottles and other containers containing alcoholic beverages must be kept sealed at all times. If you receive an order with an open container containing alcohol, you may refuse the delivery. Similarly, if a container becomes opened in route to the customer, return the opened container to the Gopuff facility. DO NOT deliver the product.

DO NOT, under any circumstances, deliver alcohol to the following locations:

  • Public or private school (K-12) (e.g. an elementary school);

  • College campus (e.g. dormitories, other on-campus housing);

  • Prison, reformatory, veterans’ home, or state capitol grounds;

  • Locker or similar package storage service (e.g. a storage facility); or

  • Businesses that sell alcohol (e.g. liquor stores, bars).

Yes. All parties involved in a transaction - the store, Gopuff and you, personally - can all be held liable in the event of an impermissible delivery.

It is your right to refuse a delivery, and you should always do so if:

  • The customer does not have an ID

  • The customer is under the age of 21

  • The customer does not match the person in the ID

  • There are other visible issues with the ID

  • The ID scan is invalid or rejected in the scanning process

  • The customer is visibly intoxicated

You will still receive your base pay for orders that you are unable to deliver based on these circumstances. All delivery partners are encouraged to follow these guidelines and are fully supported in their decisions to promote safe and responsible alcohol deliveries.