Regulated Products Delivery Certifications


In order to deliver alcohol and other age-restricted products, you must complete a responsible delivery course where you will learn about the rules and regulations for delivering regulated products during the sign-up process. Additional alcohol delivery certification may be required and vary from state-to-state. 

During the application process, you will receive multiple educational sessions through our third-party educational service provider, eduMe, and in a few States from specific certification providers like RServing or TIPS. Throughout the process, you will receive direct links for the following sessions: 

  • eduMe Responsible Delivery Course

  • Gopuff Kitchens | Fresh Food Delivery Course

  • Additional Alcohol Delivery Certification Course (if required by local jurisdiction)

No! The courses or certification that you will be offered to take within our onboarding flow (Responsible Delivery course via eduMe, TIPS, Rservingare made available at no cost to you by Gopuff. Always make sure the email address you are using to register for the course matches the email address on your application with Gopuff. In addition, where applicable, ensure you select the course that is specific to the State you operate in. 

All delivery partners operating from locations that sell alcohol or other regulated products must complete the Responsible Delivery course via eduMe, and any others that state or local authorities may require. You will, however,  have the option to opt-out of alcohol deliveries under account preferences in the app.

Always make sure the email address you are using for the course matches the email address on your application with Gopuff. This ensures all records match and that you will not be charged for the educational courses.

You will be prompted by the application flow to complete the requirement specific to your location. The table below gives you visibility into what to expect.



Financial Aspect



Made available at no cost


All Locations

Made available at no cost



Made available at no cost

Some locations require an additional Alcohol certification or City/State permit or registration. While the certification courses are pre-paid, the city/state permits or registration will be reimbursed. Please make sure to submit the receipt and a copy of the certificate in order to qualify for reimbursement.

Additional Documentation


Financial Aspect

State/City Permits


Reimbursed by Gopuff based on proof of payment

Vehicle Safety & Registration


Reimbursed by Gopuff based on proof of payment

If you’re already certified and the certification has not expired, you only have to send us a clear picture of your certification card at We will verify its authenticity and validity, and push your application to the next stage if it meets all criteria.

Vehicle Safety & Inspection Certification

In certain states, all vehicles must have a safety inspection and display an inspection sticker in order to be registered or renew their registration. If your Gopuff delivery location requires these documents, you will need to submit the following: 

  • Vehicle Inspection Certificate

  • Vehicle Registration Document

Disclaimer: This is not legal advice, always refer to your local DMV for exact registration requirements.

To learn more about the Vehicle Inspection and Registration certificate requirements, click here.