Weekly Summary Explained


As a Gopuff delivery partner, your Weekly Summary helps you track the quality of the services you provide to customers through the platform.

These metrics are calculated on a weekly basis, looking at Monday - Sunday of the previous week.

You can see the previous week’s metrics and how they are calculated at any time in the Gopuff Driver App by visiting your Account page. You can also see how each metric changed compared to the week prior.

When your weekly metrics are consistently good, they can help you qualify for certain incentives, like GoMissions. When your weekly metrics are consistently poor, it can impact your eligibility for delivery offers or scheduled blocks. 

To help make your Weekly Summary as fair as possible, we proactively investigate any customer-reported issues ahead of time. As a result, the following instances would NOT impact your metrics:

  • An age-gated order was canceled by the delivery partner after attempting to scan the customer’s ID and failing to verify it, or the customer being visibly inebriated (these trips would not count against your Issues Reported, Completion Rate, and On-Time Delivery Rate metrics)

  • One or more orders are already expected to be delivered past the ETA when you accepted the trip offer (these trips would not count against your On-Time Delivery Rate)

Acceptance Rate

The percentage of trips you accepted compared to the total trips you were offered during the previous week. Expired or rejected trip offers will reduce your acceptance rate. Turn on your notifications so you do not miss offers.

Although there is no minimum requirement for Acceptance Rate, please note that consistently rejecting or letting trip offers expire negatively impacts the experience for other delivery partners and our customers. If you reject or let expire more than 2 offers in an hour during a scheduled block, you will no longer be eligible to earn Wait Pay for the remainder of that block. 

You can improve your Acceptance Rate by consistently accepting trips that are offered to you. Turn on your notifications so you do not miss offers.

Allowing the timer to run out is considered an offer rejection and will be reflected in your Acceptance Rate accordingly. Remember that you can pause trip offers at any time if you are temporarily unable to deliver – during the time you are paused, you will not receive any offers.

Completion Rate

The percentage of accepted orders that you successfully delivered during the previous week.

The higher your completion rate is,  the more likely you are to be eligible for special incentives, like GoMissions or being prioritized in the queue. Lower completion rates may trigger a review of your account and in egregious circumstances, may lead to deactivation.

Orders canceled by the customer are counted as completed deliveries for the purpose of your completion rate. Your completion rate decreases only if you cancel the order for reasons other than ID verification issues.

You will never be penalized for canceling an order containing a regulated product if you are not able to reach the customer, successfully verify the customer’s ID, or if you believe the customer is inebriated. These instances will be counted as completed deliveries and you will still receive the base pay for those orders.

We understand that life happens, whether it’s a family emergency or your car breaking down. That’s why you only need to maintain a minimum completion rate of 90% before your account is reviewed. Remember, if you ever feel like you are in danger while delivering, please call 911.

If your completion rate falls below 90%, your account may be reviewed and you may be de-prioritized in the queue or temporarily lose access to the platform.

No, your Completion Rate only takes into account the orders you successfully deliver after accepting the offer. However, as noted above, offer rejections do impact your acceptance rate. 

Issues Reported

Customer-reported issues during the previous week. This may include instances where a customer reports not receiving their order. All issues reported by customers are investigated by our team first.

On-Time Delivery Rate

The percentage of orders that were delivered within 5 minutes of the ETA provided to the customer during the previous week. ETAs are calculated based on real-time traffic and routing information. The ETA is considered the time between completing the scan-to-pick process to when the delivery is completed.  

An on-time delivery rate below 90% may cause your account to be reviewed. 

You can improve your On-Time Delivery Rate by:

  • Pausing trip offers in the app when you need to take a break. You are encouraged to pause trip offers while using the restroom, grabbing a snack, charging your e-bike (if applicable), taking another gig opportunity, etc. Pressing the ⏸️ button signals to our system that you are temporarily unavailable to accept trip offers, ensuring the order doesn’t get held up.

  • Minimizing time between accepting a trip and scanning components.

  • Minimizing time between picking up orders and leaving the facility

  • Following the delivery sequence provided by the app to ensure time-sensitive orders are properly prioritized.

  • Using GPS to optimize your route to the customer

  • Not running errands or making unrelated stops in the middle of a Gopuff delivery 

Scheduled Availability

In some markets, delivery partners have the option to request scheduled blocks. Scheduled Availability only applies to delivery partners in those markets. It represents the percentage of time you were available and/or making deliveries during your total scheduled hours, at the MFC where you were scheduled, during the previous week.

Requestable hours are distributed in favor of those with higher scheduled availability for the preceding 4 weeks. You can view your Scheduled Availability for the preceding 4 weeks by clicking into the metric in your Weekly Summary. 

To improve your Scheduled Availability…

  • Only request blocks that you 100% plan on committing to. This means arriving on-time and staying until the scheduled block is over.

  • If you are unable to work one of your scheduled blocks, drop it in the app ahead of time with no penalty.

As a reminder, scheduling blocks is not required for earning with Gopuff. You are able to deliver on-demand at any time by simply going online and heading to the facility. 


You can find your Weekly Summary in the Account section of your app. While you will only be able to view the summary for the previous week, you’ll also be able to see how your metrics changed compared to the week prior.

The metrics are updated every Monday morning. On Monday, you’ll be able to view your metrics for the previous week (Monday - Sunday). Check the dates under ‘Weekly Summary’ at the top of the page to confirm the time period being reported.

For questions regarding your Weekly Summary, reach out to partners@gopuff.com

We’d love to hear your feedback! Scroll past your Weekly Summary to the Account Management section of your app and click Get Support → Share App Feedback.